100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Board Term 1 Objective Question Bank Chemistry Class 12



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Mtg 100 percent exam ready CBSE Board Term 1 objective Question Bank Class 12 Series focuses on competency based education [CBE] and is designed on the basis of the most recent Term 1 syllabus issued by CBSE. The series is available for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English Core. To facilitate the understanding of the theory of each br>Chapter, Chapterwise recap notes are provided at the start of each br>Chapter the series includes a wide range of MCQs based on br>Chapter/topic, case based, and Assertion & Reasoning to help students gain a thorough understanding of the new exam format. Br>
table of content: br>Chapter 1: The solid state br>Chapter 2: solutions br>Chapter 3: The p-Block Elements (group 15 to 18) br>Chapter 4: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes br>Chapter 5: Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers br>Chapter 6: Biomolecules.